Practice - Estate Planning

Estate Planning and Administration
The Georgia estate planning attorneys at Cox, Byington, Twyman & Johnson, LLP, help people legally record their final wishes. They assist clients who want to formalize decisions regarding assets, debts, and health care issues. Their estate planning practice handles wills, trusts, and probate actions.

Make your wishes known

Estate planning refers to the preparation of documents that inform legal authorities, family members and heirs of your final wishes. At Cox, Byington, Twyman & Johnson, LLP, their lawyers listen to the needs of their clients then provide experienced counsel regarding various estate planning documents. Properly drafted and executed estate documents assure that your final wishes are clearly recorded and legally enforceable.

Record your end of life wishes in a living will

Cox, Byington, Twyman & Johnson, LLP, handles estate planning documents including:
  • Living Wills
  • Living Trusts
  • Advanced Health Care Directives
  • Durable Healthcare Powers of Attorney

Trust Administration

If estate planning documents have been properly executed, the wishes of the decedent are overseen by a trust administrator. In this process Cox, Byington, Twyman & Johnson, LLP, administers the details of a trust for the family and heir of the estate. They inventory the assets of the estate, pay debts and taxes, and then distribute the balance according to directions set forth in the trust document.

What is probate administration?

When estate documents do not exist, the administration of the estate in supervised by the probate court and executed according to Georgia state law. In these matters Cox, Byington, Twyman & Johnson, LLP, represents any interested party before probate court.

In probate matters they represent court-appointment executors or administration to administer estates in accordance with state probate rules. One of the probate attorneys at Cox, Byington, Twyman & Johnson, LLP is the Floyd County administrator.

As in trust administration, a court-appointed probate administrator takes the responsibility of paying outstanding debts and taxes, and then distributing the raining property and assets among the heirs.